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Driver Cars 

We provide hourly, daily, weekly or monthly chauffeured car rental and chauffeured VIP car rental services to our guests at affordable prices. VIPISTANBLUE

We are assertive that we are the company that offers the best quality service to our guests in Istanbul and even in Turkey. The ultra-luxury VIP-equipped partitioned vehicles of the VipistanBlue family are designed to provide you with the highest quality chauffeured car rental service. It is completely designed from top to bottom in a luxury VIP way. Everything from sofa beds to sofas is available.

VIPISTANBLUE family also sends these ultra-luxury VIP designed vehicles to our esteemed guests in airport transfer service.

We offer VIP transfer service from one point to another in Istanbul in the same way.


It is possible to make the long journey pleasure from us very enjoyable with our Mercedes Vito VIP vehicles, which have unique equipment and technology.


You will be amazed by the Mercedes Vito VIP vehicles we offer you in Vito Rental service.


You can be sure that you will be satisfied with our ultra-luxury VIP designed Mercedes Vito vehicles and our experienced chauffeurs suitable for corporate identity, and that you will definitely choose us for chauffeured car rental, VIP transfer, airport VIP transfer, airport transfer and intercity VIP transfer services.


In the VIP Transfer service, you will feel very lucky that you will benefit from our luxury VIP Mercedes Vito vehicles that we will send to you and the superior experience of our drivers and you will feel very lucky to receive the VIP transfer service from us.

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